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BBQ Shit Kit

Big Cock Ranch

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The Perfect Pair

From the kitchens and BBQ pits of Big Cock Ranch come this creation, destined to become as classic as all the other Shit Products. BBQ Shit is in good company with Special Shit,  Good Shit, Aw Shit, and Dip Shit. Great with laughter! Great with food!

Never before in the annals of BBQ History has a perfect rub been enhanced with the perfect sauce, until now. Yeah, Special Shit is good with other sauces and yeah, BBQ Shit is good with other rubs but the combination of these two products together is better paired than Peas & Carrots. BBQ Shit was designed specifically to be enjoyed with Special Shit but any of the flavors of Special Shit, Good Shit, and Aw Shit are award winning. 

BBQ Shit's flavor is anchored with Special Shit. That's why we packaged this combo for your convenience. Try the robust flavors and no shit, we think you will have discovered the meaning of life. 


Special Shit

BBQ Shit

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