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Daniel Boone

Prime Plus Model

Thank you for purchasing our Daniel Boone Prime Plus pellet grill. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Owners Manual

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App Manual

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Pizza Attachment

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Before you set up your grill, make sure to keep the entire grill a minimum of 36 inches from all combustibles.

Reference your owner’s manual for all safety information.

Easy step-by-step

Grill instruction

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Proper installation of 


Daniel Boone

Approximately 4.25″ from inside left wall of grill.

Heat Shield

Adjustment rod

IMPORTANT: For proper heat shield positioning, use the marks on the adjuster handle. The grill wall should alight with the -0.5 mark on the handle, setting the heat shield 4.25 in. from the left inside grill wall.

How to Install

Grease Tray

Very Important:

Install the grease tray with the hole to the left and the half-moon crescent to the right. This ensures proper travel of grease into your grease trough. For easy clean up, feel free to wrap the grease tray in tin foil. MAKE SURE not to cover up the circle on the left side near the thermal sensor.

Close doors & lids for

Proper AirFlow

IMPORTANT: ALWAYS close all lids and doors including pellet dump, ash clean-out, and hopper lid before starting the grill.

Properly connecting

Grill power

Connect the power cords and adapter as pictured here. Make sure to keep your cords safe from rain or weathering.

Recommended steps for

First startup

This procedure is a way to ensure the auger feeds pellets and primes the firebox. ONLY perform these steps on the very first startup or to fill the auger and recharge the firebox if the grills runs out of pellets during a cook.

Important steps for

initial burn

Burn-in the grill at 350°F for 30 minutes to remove any residue from the manufacturing process.

30 mins


ALWAYS allow your grill reach 150°F before adjusting the temperature.

The grill will make

odd sounds

Huffing noises are normal 

The combustion fan, inside the hopper, will turn off and on regularly to provide the correct amount of oxygen to the fire to maintain the set temperature.

How to correctly

Power Down

IMPORTANT: Never unplug the grill without running through fan mode.
Press the red power button to switch the grill into fan mode. DO NOT unplug the grill or press the power button while it is in fan mode. Fan mode is important as it not only cools down the grill properly but also blows ash out of the firebox for your next cook. Once fan mode is complete and the display reads “oFF”, hold down the power button for 7 secs until the screen goes dark. At this point the grill has successfully powered down. You can leave the grill plugged in for quicker power up next time or unplug it if you prefer.

After first use steps for 

standard startup

Plug in the grill. The display should read “off”. Press the red power button to turn it on. The unit will go through it’s 0-1-2-3 process and heat up to 150°F.

The display should be dark. Press and hold the red power button for 7 secs. The display should read “off”. Press the red power button to turn the unit on. The unit will go through it’s 0-1-2-3 process and heat up to 150°F.

ALWAYS allow your grill reach 150°F before adjusting the temperature.

Connecting and using your

Meat Probes

To use this feature, just plug the connector into the receptacle on the front of the controller.

Lift the stainless flap on the left side of the grill and push the probe through the hole. Then, insert the probe into the center of the food you are cooking. Press either the Probe 1 or 2 button to display the temperature of that probe. This process takes a minute or two to stabilize.

To return to the grill temperature display, simply press the probe button again. If you do not have the probe installed in the control panel, then your digital display will read “NFD” (no food) when you press either probe button. The probe is not suitable for reading temperatures above 257°F (150°C).

IMPORTANT: Always make sure you switch back to grill temperature display before changing your grill temp.

Recommended regular

Grill Cleaning

2-3 BAGS


Keep the inside of the grill clean using a Shop-Vac. This will take only a few minutes. Remove the interior parts and vacuum any ash and residue out of the base of the grill and the firebox.


AshVac Clean-Out
Use this method to easily clean out the firebox without removing any internal parts. Open the ash clean-out door located on the right side of the grill. Place the end of the vacuum hose over the hole of the clean-out tube that runs into the base of the burn pot. This will remove most of the excess ash from the firebox. THIS DOOR MUST BE CLOSED WHEN OPERATING THE GRILL.

Understanding your grill's

Air Temperature

The PT200 Platinum Sensor sends data to the computer. This “brain” analyzes the data and adjusts the airflow and pellet fuel flow to maintain the set temperature. Many things affect the data gathered by the sensor–opening the lid, wind, grease splatter, humidity, altitude, and gravity (if the grill is not on level ground).

The computer analyzes all the erratic information and averages it over time. Then, it displays the best result as the most accurate representation of the grill’s current temperature. This is why an instantaneous air temperature reading from a third-party product does not provide much useful information.

Understanding the 0-1-2-3's

Startup cycle

Welcome to new age

Smart Control

TIP: The serial # on the back of your grill is your grill’s WiFi password.

ALWAYS check to make sure your grill has the latest firmware. See page 81 of your manual, for the full app guide. Also check out the Smart Control section on our website:

Learn about Smart Control >

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