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Ultra-Sourdough French Bread A La Pellet Grill

Ultra-Sourdough French Bread A La Pellet Grill

Okay, if you’re making this recipe to save time and money, you’re out of your mind. You can buy a pretty decent loaf of french bread at your local market for around two bucks. I never understood how they could make it that inexpensively absent automation, but they do. Someone suggested “volume” but I’m not too sure about that: in my younger days, I bought a pickup-load of apples for $125, but found I could only sell them for $100. One of my friends suggested that to solve that problem, all I needed was a bigger truck! (As you might expect, he tried to run for Congress.)

But if you want to have a bit of fun and turn out a couple of nice loaves of great bread, do this one. It will take you back to days of yesteryear and let you identify with your ancestry who used similar wood-fired ovens to bake bread.

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