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Smoked Picnic Ham

Smoked Picnic Ham

Pellet Smoked Picnic Ham tastes delicious and is a nice treat for a large gathering. Keep in mind that what some sellers call a “picnic ham” does not qualify as ham at all. True ham comes from the hind leg of the pig, while a “picnic ham” comes from the front shoulder. If you plan to buy a fresh ham, make sure that it will not have the pink color you are used to in most pork. It will taste the same as the ham you grew up with impacted with the smoke you love. The cooking method is entirely different with a cured ham, you are merely re-heating an already cooked product. You have to fully cook a fresh ham so you will need to cook it for a lot longer but the time will be well spent. Do not use this method for a fresh ham. Ham technology can get a little confusing at times, with dry-cure, wet-cure, country, or city. You will likely find wet-cured city hams at your grocery and be able to follow along with our recipe. This will feed you for days.

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