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Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving Recipes

We all love Thanksgiving. I mean it’s the food holiday, what’s not to love? But it’s easy to fall into a tradition and just make boring, over done food every year. This year you should mix things up, and we decided to help you. Here’s some of our favorite pellet grill recipes for Thanksgiving.

Cajun Smoked Turkey

Thanksgiving means turkey, and you have to make sure your turkey is the star of the show. We love this turkey recipe. It’s a great way to make sure you have an incredible turkey, but it’s got more of a kick to it than your traditional turkey. How to BBQ Right is always a trusted source for a good grill recipe, and this one does not disappoint. It may not be your traditional turkey, but it’s not completely crazy or unusual.

Spatchcock Smoked Turkey

A Spatchcock turkey is a good option if you don’t want to spend hours and hours cooking your turkey, or if you are just looking to mix things up a little bit. This turkey is bursting with flavor and it’s pretty easy to make. It works really great for families that want something different, but don’t want to experiment with flavors too much. The injection and the rubs give the turkey lots of moisture and flavor, which are both complimented by the rich smokey flavor you get from pellet grilling.

Mountain Man’s Special Turkey

This turkey is super simple, and full of moisture and flavor. The brine helps make this an extremely moist turkey and when you add in the seasonings, you get a turkey that is exploding with flavor. The brining process also helps you get a crispy turkey skin, without ruining the turkey. The easy steps and pictures make this recipe easy to follow, so you don’t have to be a grill master to master this turkey.

Sausage and Herb Stuffed Smoked Turkey

Tradition used to be that you stuffed the turkey with the stuffing and cooked it all together. But now that’s not very common. This recipe brings back that tradition, with step by step instructions and video so you know your turkey, and stuffing, will turn out amazing. When you see this recipe, the combination of ingredients but make you skeptical, but just trust that everything combines to be the most incredible turkey you’ve ever had.

Pumpkin Pie with Bourbon Vanilla Whip

Pumpkin Pie. The only thing that says Thanksgiving more than pumpkin pie is Turkey. So you can’t risk having a bad pumpkin pie, and you might as well just go through the effort to have an incredible pumpkin pie. This recipe will not only give you an incredible pumpkin pie, but your guest won’t be able to get enough, it’ll be the star of the desert table. You take a simple pumpkin pie filling, pour it into a crispy and unique crust, and then top it with an incredible bourbon vanilla whipped topping. It creates a mind blowing taste, much better than your traditional pumpkin pie.

Honey Jalapeno Turkey

Want to mix things up this year? This turkey is an excellent way to do that! The flavors of this turkey are out of this world, definitely nothing like your traditional turkey. Honey, granny smith apples, and jalapeno combine to make a sweet but spicy turkey that will throw a little excitement into your Thanksgiving. Depending on your family, you can even make extra glaze to have an extra saucy turkey, or just have extra sauce to put on the side. Whatever you decide, you are going to love this turkey.



Sweet Potato Casserole

Ok the traditional Sweet Potato Casserole has marshmallows, and it’s pretty much sugar in a pan. This recipe goes for less of a sugar coma in a pan. Don’t let it completely turn you off though, it’s still delicious, you just wont get a cavity after eating it. Leaving the marshmallows off and lets all of the other flavors shine through. The brown sugar, pecans and sweet potatoes combine into a creamy but crunchy masterpiece that you wont be able to get enough off. When you take into account the rich, smoky flavor from the pellet grill, this recipe is going to be a holiday classic.

Cheesecake with Bourbon Pecan Topping

Desert is often the most ignored part of the Thanksgiving meal, but not any longer. This Cheesecake recipe is the perfect sweet finish to your Thanksgiving day meal. The bourbon and pecans combine with the smokey flavor to give you a one of a kind cheesecake experience. Throw in the creaminess and sweetness that comes with a cheesecake and this has everything you could want in a holiday desert.

Thanksgiving is a food holiday, so it’s the perfect time to break out your pellet grill and put it to the test. Show your family what amazing things you can do with it. Whether you are smoking the turkey, or just some of the sides and deserts, there’s tons of recipes you can use to show off what a grill master you are.

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