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Smoked Christmas Dinner Recipes

Smoked Christmas Dinner Recipes

The holidays are here! With Christmas coming it’s a great time to experiment with your grill. With how this year has gone, what’s stopping you from mixing up the holiday menu this year? The answer is probably nothing. So grab some pellets, make a trip to the store and try out some of these incredible recipes.


Maple Glazed Whole Smoked Ham

Ham, a staple of any good holiday meal. This recipe includes everything that makes a good ham: it’s smoked with Cherry pellets and glazed in a combination of sugar, maple syrup and juice. Everything combines to make a sweet, kind of fruity, and juicy ham. Follow and recipe for a low smoke and when you are done you will have a fall off the bone ham with a mouth watering glaze.

Grilled & Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are a classic at the holidays. Mix it up this year with some grilled & glazed sweet potatoes. This is an incredible option if you are looking for a healthier, or new option for your traditional sweet potatoes. Just slice them, grill them up and then cover them in a delicious glass made out of our favorite Kosmo’s BBQ sauce and rubs. You won’t be able to get enough.

Holiday Prime Rib

Want something a little more festive for your holiday meal? This recipe is easy, but bursting with flavor. This recipe is great if you haven’t smoked a prime rib before because it has easy, step-by-step instructions. If you want an amazing, full of flavor prime rib for the holidays, this is the recipe you are looking for!

Bourbon Praline Smoked Ham

Do you want something more adventurous and festive for the star of you holiday meal. Ham, Bourbon, Pecans, Brown Sugar, Apple Juice, and Butter, that screams holidays to me. Add in the fact that you smoke it with cherry and hickory pellets? I’m not sure you can get much more festive. You combine the ingredients to make a beautiful glaze that you cover the ham with, and then you cook the ham. In the end you have an incredible ham that you won’t soon forget.

Hickory Smoked Prime Rib

We love a good Prime Rib for the holidays and this recipe has to be one of our favorites. It uses a combination of our favorite Killer Hogs rubs and other seasonings and hickory pellets to create a flavor unlike anything else. After a low and slow smoke you will be left with a beautiful, flavorful, and juicy Prime Rib.

Smoked Prime Rib

When you are looking for the perfect holiday meal, you can’t go wrong with Prime Rib. Green Mountain has this incredible recipe for Smoked Prime Rib. It’s easy to follow, but your guests wont be able to tell! The flavor and moisture in this Prime Rib is unmatched, you wont be able to get enough!

Texas Style Angus Brisket

For Christmas, you get to be more creative with the meat you serve, so why not have fun with it? This Texas Style Angus Brisket is a delicious center piece for your holiday meal. It’ll take some work, this is a low and slow cook, but the payoff is worth it. But be careful, after making this your family will insist you handle all of the holiday meals!



Peach Smoked Pork Loin

Peach Smoked Pork Loin with cranberry sauce on the side? It screams holidays and is exploding with flavor. This is guaranteed to make the meal holidays special. The ingredients combine to create perfect, out of this world flavor. Your family won’t be able to get enough!


Ultra-Sourdough French Bread

Why buy some boring store French bread when you can make your own? Get better bread for the holiday meal and wildly impress you’re family at the same time! This recipe gives you clear instructions on how to make out of this world French bread using just a few ingredients and you’re pellet grill! If you have a big family, or just one that loves bread, its really easy to increase the recipe to make more bread.

Moink Balls

Meatballs! Everyone loves some Italian meatballs, but wrap them in bacon and cover them in your favorite BBQ sauce? You will be the winner of Christmas. This recipe is fantastic because it gives you the basics of how to smoke these, but lets you pick you favorite rubs and sauces to personalize these meatballs. These will definitely be a hit.

Standing Rib Roast

Let’s serve something special this Christmas! And what get’s more special than a bone rib roast? This is a recipe for an absolutely out-of-this world standing rib roast. Impress your family with the flavor of this incredible meal, and with the skill you have to cook a standing rib roast. You will come out of the holidays as the winner this year.

Kansas- Style Beef Brisket

Who doesn’t want some Kansas City inspired meat for the holidays? This may not be as good as your favorite Kansas City BBQ place, but it’s a pretty good option. This recipe requires quite a commitment, it has a 12-16 hour cook time. However, the pay off is a savory, incredible brisket that your family is going to fall in love with.


Well, there’s some of our favorite recipes, but there’s so many great recipes out there for pellet grills. It’s so hard to chose favorites. Do you have other recipes you like to use?

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