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Picking The Perfect Pellets

Picking The Perfect Pellets

Pellet grills have countless perks, but one of those perks is the ability to have fun with the pellets. The wood pellets used in pellet grills come in many different flavors, and the flavor you choose will create a unique smoky flavor in your food. Mastering the art of choosing the right pellet flavor for your food will make you a pit master.

The first step in choosing pellets is making sure you pick a high-quality brand. Here at KC Pellets we make sure to only carry the best pellet brands. We currently carry Green Mountain Grills pellets and pellets. Both brands are made with 100% flavored hardwood, with no added fillers. They also use unique flavor profiles to make sure you get the best flavor possible in your meat. It’s important to use pellets made from 100% hardwood because it increases the quality of the meat and makes sure you are getting the best smoke you can. Pellets that use fillers will typically also use flavor oils. Not only does this bring down the quality of the smoke, it produces a weaker smoke that won’t flavor your meat as well. By using 100% hardwood you make sure the smoky flavor is coming from the wood you choose, not from unknown additives. In addition, almost every flavor of pellets we carry is a blend. Blends are wonderful options because they offer more consistent burn rates and temperatures and they create more rich and complex flavor profiles.

Green Mountain


Apple is a great, gentle flavor. Our Apple Blend is made form Apple Wood, American Hickory, and Red Oak. This combination of woods allows our Apple Blend to create a gentle but mature smoke. Apple Blend creates a wonderful, light and fruity smoke. This means the Apple Blend is really good for mild meats, like pork or poultry. It’s also great with veggies and any sweet dessert you want to grill.


The Gold Blend is a blend of Red Oak, American Hickory, and Mountain Maple. This blend creates a very mellow smoke. It subtly flavors the food, without taking over the food. It’s great for quietly bringing out the flavor of your food. The Gold Blend is also made a some of the hardest of the hardwoods. This means it produces a long burn with a modest smoke. It’s perfect for a long smoke where you don’t want an overly smoky flavor. The Gold Blend will work well for any food, especially if you want to avoid a strong smoky flavor in your food.


The Fruitwood Blend is an amazing option for just about everything. It’s a combination of Orchard Cherry, American Been, and Sweet Pecan. This creates a rich, sweet smoke that adds depth to your flavor profile without overwhelming it. This blend adds a light sweet and smoky flavor to your food, while still letting the food itself shine. The Fruitwood Blend is a favorite among competition teams because its light and flavorful smoke. This is a great starting blend for if you aren’t sure which pellets to use.


Our Texas Blend is great for beef and poultry. It’s a combination of Black Oak, American Hickory, and a hint of Texas Mesquite. This is a great option if you want to highlight the natural flavor of you food, without adding any sweetness like with the fruit blends. The Texas blend is a very aromatic blend, that offers a flavorful and consistent smoke. This isn’t as light as the fruit blends so this one is good if you are wanting that really deep, rich, smoky flavor.

Perfect mix

The Perfect Mix blend from is an incredible go-to blend if you aren’t sure what to use. It’s a mix of Hickory, Cherry, Hard Maple, and Apple. This combination makes a really complex flavor profile that perfectly complements everything. Because this is a blend, it offers a consistent burn rates and temperatures. This blend is great because its not as heavy as the hickory but it’s not extremely light, it’s a great compliment to anything. The Perfect Mix works really well for short cooks or long smokes, either way it will offer a smooth and rich flavor.

100% Hickory

The 100% Hickory is a must have for anyone with a pellet grill or smoker. Hickory blends are the most commonly used, because they provide the classic rich BBQ flavor, and they don’t create a lot of smoke. Our 100% Hickory mix offers a strong flavor that stands up well to the toughest of meats. It’s a great compliment to any meats, even poultry. The 100% Hickory pellets are a favorite with competition BBQ teams because its strong classic flavor and consistent smoke.

Whether you want something light and fruity or heavy and smoky, we have the perfect pellet mix to take you food from good to incredible. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out and we’d love to help you find the perfect pellet flavor for your n
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