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Let's Compare Our Grills!

Let's Compare Our Grills!

It’s time to talk about the different grills we offer! Whether you are looking for a second grill, or wanting to get into pellet grills, this is the place for you. Everyone uses their pellet grill differently, so an important part of buying your grill is making sure you pick the right grill for you.

So first we need to cover what grills we have at KC Pellets. As of this writing we carry Green Mountain Grills exclusively. There are three different sizes; Davy Crocket, Daniel Boone, and Jim Bowie. The Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie sizes come in either Choice or Prime Plus. Therefore there are 5 different grills, each one has it’s own pros and cons that make it special.

Davy Crocket

Our Davy Crocket Prime is the perfect on-the-go grill. Unlike Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie, the Davy Crocket weighs only 68 lbs and has easily fold-able legs so it can be placed in any car. It runs on either 12V or 120AC, making it easy to use at home, or while camping, tailgating, or wherever else you’d like to grill! Like our other Green Mountain Grills, the Davy Crocket comes with a digital WiFi controller, a meat probe, a sense-mate, a thermal sensor, a peaked lid for rib racks, and a convenience tray with utensil hooks. Our WiFi Green Mountain Grills can connect to WiFi or work as its own WiFi server, and you just connect your phone to it’s WiFi, which makes using the app easy when you are grilling while camping.

The Davy Crocket is the perfect size for up to 6 steaks, a couple racks of ribs, or several burgers. The surface cooking area is 219 squ in. and has a cooking area height clearance of 7.75 in. Just like the other grills, it has a cooking range from 150o-550oF.

There are a couple downfalls to the Davy Crocket. First, the smaller size means you can’t cook as much food. Another is the Davy Crocket doesn’t have the grill window or the pellet window. While these don’t effect the grilling, it just makes keeping an eye on things a little more difficult. It also does not have a low pellet sensor. Another downside is that the Davy Crocket only has one meat probe, unlike our other grills which have two.

Overall, the Davy Crocket is a great grill for on-the-go grilling. It gives you the capabilities of a Green Mountain Grill, but in a smaller package that’s easy to take with you.

Daniel Boone

Our Daniel Boone is amazing grill! The Daniel Boone comes with a couple options. First, you can pick if you want a black top or a stainless steel top. There’s not really a large difference, it’s mostly about personal preference. Next, you pick if you want Choice or Prime Plus. We will go into the differences in the different types, but first we are going to talk about the overall characteristics of a Daniel Boone.

Daniel Boones are much bigger grills than the Davy Crockets. Daniel Boone grills are 177 lb, 52 inches tall and 52 inches wide. They have 458 sq. in. of grilling space along with a cooking area clearance of 13.5 in. This means you can cook almost anything, 7 racks of ribs, a standup turkey or whatever else you wish. The Daniel Boone hopper holds about 18 lbs of pellets and includes a low pellet alarm for when the pellets get low.

Choice Non WiFi

The Daniel Boone Choice Non-WiFi grills offer the size of a Daniel Boone, but without all of the extras included in the Prime Plus grills. This grill runs on 110V power. They have a single meat probe as well as a keep warm mode. The Choice does come with convenience hooks and standard wheels.  The Choice is a great option if you are wanting a large but simple pellet grill.

Prime Plus

When you step up to a Prime Plus grill, you get a lot more features that make the grilling experience easier and more fun. You get everything that a Choice grill has, and more!

Our Daniel Boone Prime Plus grill comes with WiFi smart control, dual meat probes, and a grill window and a pellet window. They also come with an ASHVAC system that makes clean up a breeze. Another perk is the external heat shield adjuster.

Some of the other perks are front & bottom shelves, a bottle opener on the front of the grill, a usb charging port, and wide durable legs with oversized wheels. The Prime Plus also comes with an internal light and the grill grates are thicker.

The Daniel Boone Prime Plus runs on 12V power. The pellet fuel management technology allows you to have more control over the fire and cooking process.

One fun thing about our Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie grills is that they have a lot more accessories that can add to the versatility of your grill. Upper racks are very common additions in our Green Mountain Grills. They make it easy to add more grill room. With upper racks you can cook some veggies or extra burgers or whatever you like. Another rack you can get is our rib rack, which makes smoking and grilling ribs so much easier. With our rib rack you can grill 7 racks of ribs at the same time!

Jim Bowie

The only difference between the Jim Bowie and the Daniel Boone is the size. The Jim Bowie is 208 lbs, 52 inches tall and 63 inches wide. The Jim Bowie has 658 sq. in. of grilling area and the 13.5 inches of clearance in the grilling space. This makes the Jim Bowie great if you spend a lot of time grilling with large crowds or if you like to take on huge grilling projects.

The Jim Bowie is also offered in the Choice Non-WiFi or Prime Plus. The features of the Jim Bowie  in each of these models is the same as in the Daniel Boone.

Well there you have it, a quick run down of the differences between the grills we currently carry here at KC Pellets. If you want an easy graphic that compares our grills go check out the Prime Grill Comparison Chart! If you want to know more or you have questions feel free to reach out and we would love to talk to you more!

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