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KCP Pellet Caddy System

KCP Pellet Caddy System

Hey guys, this is Adam with KC Pellets here, and I have a new product that I just cannot wait to share with you. It is the pellet caddy from Grill Accomplice and this thing is a lifesaver. If you've ever had to change out pellets on your grill you know how much of a pain it can be, from pellets dumping out all over the floor, making a huge mess, wasting a lot of pellets, and then storing them in the bags when they get wet and they're not usable.


So Grill Accomplice came up with this awesome design. This works with any grill, not just Green Mountain. You can use it on your Traeger, your Pit Boss, your Rec Tech, whatever you have. Real simple, has magnets, attaches right there, right to the grill. And then you can adjust the spout to put it in any container.


We've also added these pellet containers that are perfect for this. They have got a special spout that makes it real easy for you to dump the pellets in as well as to reuse your pellets. So you just put it at the bottom, open your trap door and away your pellets go, nice and easy, no mess. This pellet system is available on our website at If you guys have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you.

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