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How A Pellet Grill Works

How A Pellet Grill Works

Pellet grills work a little different than charcoal or gas. Here we are going to go in to generally how a Pellet grill works, what makes pellet grills special, and how to use these characteristics to your advantage when grilling.

How Pellet Grills Work

Pellet grills use a hopper and auger system. The hopper holds pellets on the side of the grill and the auger moves those pellets to the fire pot. You turn the grill on a set a temperature, based on that temperature, a certain amount of pellets will be moved to the fire pot and ignited with the hot rod to create a fire. The higher the temperature the more pellets needed to reach that temperature. As pellets are burned, more pellets are added to maintain the temperature. Once the pellets are ignited a fan stokes the fire, this creates a convection heat, like a convection oven, at that is needed to evenly cook your food on the grill. Between the flames and the grates is a drip pan, this helps keep the direct flames off of your food, while also catching any food drippings so you have an easy clean up.

The convection heat that pellet grills use make them very versatile. Unlike other grill types, they don’t use direct flames and can easily be used for hours. This means that while they can be used for classic grilling, they can also be used for smoking, baking, normal cooking, or a combination of all of those.

Why Pellet Grills Are Special

Ok, so now we know how pellet grills work, but what makes them better than other grills? Well as I just mentioned, they are much for versatile than other grills. You can smoke a meat for a few hours and then immediately grill it up, both using the pellet grill. And with Green Mountains Smart Control feature you can even program the grill to do that whole process through the app and all you have to do is put the meat in, set the program, and then forget about it until its time to eat. Pellet grills make the grilling process much easier, which allows you to have more fun grilling.

Also, because pellet grills work similarly to a convection oven, you can do more than just meat in them. You can bake a pie, or some bread, or if you get our Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, you can make a wood-fired pizza. While you can do most of that in your convection oven, doing them in a pellet grill means it’s being wood-fired, which means you get to pick which pellets you use to cook it, and the pellets you pick will give the food a different kind of smoky flavor. This allows you to be much more creative with your food and add a lot more flavor to your food. Also, the process of using wood pellets to cook in general means you will get a rich, smoky flavor in your food, you just have the added bonus of getting to pick the flavor of the smoke.

Pellet grills system of burning the pellets in a firebox is also special. Because this is all controlled with technology, we have a lot more control over the temperature. No more just dumping in charcoal and lighting it or turning a knob until its close to your temperature. Pellet grills let you set the temperature in 1o F increments, and if you use a Green Mountain Grill, our smart control app displays the current temperature of the grill. This gives you ultimate control over the temperature you are cooking at. In addition, Green Mountain Grills have thermal sensors, this lets the grill sense the temperature of the environment its in, and adjust itself appropriately.

Another added bonus is that pellet grills are pretty fuel efficient. Depending on the cooking temperatures pellet grilling fuel usually costs about $0.75-1 per hour of cook time. Meanwhile charcoal grilling can cost up to $3 per hour of cooking and gas grills typically cost about $1.20 per hour of cooking. So with pellet grills, it costs less, its easier to refuel the grill and clean up from grilling, and you end up with much more flavorful food.

Clean up is also something special about pellet grills. The drip pan in pellet grills doesn’t just block the flames, it catches all the drippings and then all you have to do is take it out and clean it off. You can even buy disposable liners that you can just take out and throw away. And at the end of each cook the ashes from the pellets get dumped into a bucket and you just dump the bucket. So clean up is super easy, making the grilling process more fun.

How to Take Advantage

If you are going to invest in a pellet grill, then you want to make sure you are getting the most out of the grill. An important step in getting the most out of your pellet grill is using your resources, which if you are reading this you probably are. Green Mountain Grills and KC Pellets website both have good deal of information about pellet grills. Understanding how pellet grills work helps you understand how to use it best.

While you are doing research, make sure to learn about pellets. There are a great deal of different pellet flavors. Learn about the pellets and get a good idea of what flavors are best for which foods.

Once you have good understanding of how your grill works and how you can use it, then get creative. Don’t be afraid to mess something up, but also remember that because of the convection heat style of the pellet grill, its pretty difficult to mess up a meal. So get adventurous and try things out. While you are being adventurous, remember to experiment with your pellets too. Try out different pellet flavors or use a flavor that you don’t expect when cooking something. You never know how its going to turn out.

Also, get attachments. We have extra grill grates, rib racks, a wood-fired pizza attachment, a rotisserie attachment, and grill mats. Get attachments and use them, they increase what you can do with your grill. Attachments also just let you have more fun with the grill. I mean who doesn’t love making, and eating, pizza? The Wood-fired pizza attachment doesn’t just open up new options for using your grill, it also opens up new potential for a family night, or a date night.

Don’t forget to use the app. If you have a Green Mountain Grill you should know about the app. Take advantage of the food profiles that are already programmed in the app. These profiles are created by the best so use them and then as you learn more you can adjust things based on how you like your food.

Lastly, keep up to date with our social media, newsletter and blogs. We are always sharing new recipes and hints about using a pellet grill. If you stay up to date with us you will always stayed informed and have an abundance of great recipes to pick from.


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