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Green Mountain Grills Smart Control

Green Mountain Grills Smart Control

Smart Control

One of the best features of Green Mountain Grills is our Smart Control. Our new grills, the Prime and Prime Plus grills, offer Wi Fi connectivity. This feature allows you to connect your grill to Wi Fi, and then use our app to control and monitor your grill without having to be standing right next to your grill.

Green Mountain Grills can be connected to your home WiFi, but they are also capable of broadcasting their own WiFi. Whichever you choose to do, just make sure that you phone is connected to the same WiFi, as that ensures that the grill and app can communicate.

Once you have your grill and app connected, you can control everything from the app. First, you can control the grill temperatures, you can even set it in one degree increments if you want to get really specific. Once you set a temperature, the grill will immediately start adjusting to that new temp. Each Green Mountain Grill comes with three food probes. You can only use 2 at a time, so you will have a back up probe. These food probes allows the system to continuously monitor the internal temperature of the food. Within the app you can set an alert so you get notified as soon as your food reaches the internal temperature you want it to be at, ensuring that your food never gets over cooked.

In addition to being able to control the temperature, you can also monitor it. The app gives you real time read outs of what the grill temperature is as well as the internal food temperature. If you set a timer for your cook, it will also display the timer. All of this information is displayed on the control panel, so you can see it all at the same time and adjust anything you need too. On this page you also have the power to turn the grill on or off.

Next, we are going to talk about food profiles. Within the app you can create ‘Food Profiles’ these allow you to create step by step instructions for how you want specific food cooked. You can create specific steps, specifying the grill temp and whether you want it to stop at a specific internal temperature or after a specific amount of time. This gives you total control over the situation. Its particularly help for meals that will take all day. Lets say you want to smoke and then grill a tri tip. The food profiles let you set the grill to smoke for a set number of hours and when that’s over it will immediately switch to grilling your tri tip and it will shut the grill off when the meat reaches the internal temperature you set. You can also tell it to keep warm if you don’t want it to turn off completely. In that case it will lower the grill temperature to 150 oF and stay there until you turn off the grill. Once you create a food profile you can save it and use or edit it whenever you need too.

Green Mountain also has already created Food Profiles in the app too. These are expertly created Food Profiles that you are free to use and experiment with. These Food Profiles are great, especially for beginners because you get to experiment with the app and the grill without the free of completely messing up. Its also helpful when experimenting with new meats, because you don’t have to worry as much about cooking the meat wrong, because you have a starting platform to use. Once you become more experienced you can create your own profiles based on your personal preferences.

There’s several other fun features of Green Mountain Grills, like the thermal sensors. These sensors allow the grill to know what the temperature is around it, and adjust its settings for that temperature. Another feature is the Multi Grill feature. Each Green Mountain Grill is a little different, so its possible you have more than one. If you do the Multi Grill feature will allow you to connect all of your grills to your app and you can pick which grill you want to control. This is helpful because you don’t have to disconnect and reconnect to your grills each time you want to use them. The app also lets you easily recalibrate the grill temp. If you believe the grill temperature is different than what the app or the grill is displaying, go into the app settings and tell it how off you believe the grill temp is, and the grill will immediately adjust and recalibrate its settings to this new information.  

Because Green Mountain Grills are Smart Grills, there is the occasional update. These updates ensure that the software is running safely and smoothly. It’s easy to install these updates, but if you have any questions Green Mountain has easy to find videos walking you through every step of the process. They also have videos that will walk you through how to use the app, and anything else you would want to know about your Green Mountain Grill.

The Smart Control features of Green Mountain Grills really make it a piece of cake to become a grill master, even if you are a beginner. If you are already a grill master, the Smart Control features will help you up your grill game to a level you didn’t know was possible. All while making grilling as easy as possible.

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