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Cooking with A Pellet Grill

Cooking with A Pellet Grill

Pellet grills are different than other grill types because not only can you grill, but they also function as smokers. Because pellet grills use convectional heat, this opens up a great deal of fun new things you can do that you couldn’t do with just a gas or charcoal grill. Also, pellet grills work by burning wood pellets, meaning you can make wood-fired food, which opens up a new would of flavors that isn’t available with other grills. Today we are going to talk about some things you can do with a pellet grill, how to take advantage of the wood-fire, and some recipes for your pellet grill.

Ok, so first lets talk about smoking. The unique system pellet grills use completely changes the grill game. Unlike other grill types, pellet grills don’t use direct heat, meaning they are capable of other types of cooking, like smoking. Being able to smoke and grill in the same grill means your meat is going to be better than ever. In addition, with a Green Mountain Grill, you have smart control with food profiles, so you can put your food in the grill, set the food profile and the grill will handle everything on its own. This means you don’t have to worry about checking the meat, forgetting about it, making sure to take it out at the right time or anything else. So now you can tackle bigger grilling tasks because they aren’t as complicated as they used to be.

Smoking and then grilling is incredibly easy with a pellet grill, while some other grill types offer attachments or adjusts to let you smoke, pellet grills can smoke just as easily as they can grill. This means you can have delicious, smoked meat as often as you want, without all the extra work.

Pellet grills system doesn’t use direct fire, making it more like a convection oven. Because of that, food cooks more evenly in a pellet grill. You also have greater control over the temperature, especially with a Green Mountain Grill, because you can set the temperature in 1o F intervals. This greater control and even cooking, means you can more easily tackle things you can’t do on a more tradition grill, like cooking a whole turkey. Green Mountain even offers a rotisserie attachment, which makes cooking a whole bird even easier.

The convection heat also means you can do things like bake bread, make pizza, and cook fish. While you might say “but I can do that with a gas grill,” but can you do it well? With traditional grills like gas or charcoal, its harder to control the temperature and they don’t typically heat or cook evenly. Pellet grills don’t have that problem, therefore cooking things like bread or pizza or fish, is a lot easier and the food turns out much better.

Another aspect of cooking with pellet grills, the wood-fire. Because pellet grills use wood pellets to cook, this means they create a wood fire. The wood fire gives the food a unique smoky flavor you can’t get with anything else. This also means you get to have fun with the smoky flavor you can get from that. There’s a huge variety of pellet types of flavors, meaning you have an endless array of options for spicing up your cooking. Plus, you get to do things like make a wood-fired pizza, or wood-fired veggies. Anything you can make in your oven or traditional grill, you can make in your pellet grill. But the pellet grill gives the added bonus of the smoky, wood-fired taste.

Ok, we’ve talked about why pellet grills cook differently, but lets talk about what they can cook. It’s recipe time.

Turkey Legs

I don’t know about you but turkey legs are one of my favorite fair foods, but I never cook them at home because they seemed like a daunting task. This recipe shows you how to use your pellet grill like a smoker to make these incredible turkey legs at home.

Cheesy Jalapeño Skillet Dip

Grilling doesn’t just mean meat, this is a great dip recipe using your cast iron skillet and your pellet grill. It’s the perfect game day food, cheese, more cheese, and some  jalapeños. Plus it’s game day so your grill will probably be turned on anyway, and if the grill is too full, just pop this one in the oven, although it probably won’t turn out quite as tasty without the wood-fire and smoke.

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Pork Loin

Pellet Grills ability to easily switch from smoking to grilling is one of the reasons its so popular with avid grill masters. This recipe displays that ability perfectly. Plus you get a pork loin wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cream cheese so what could be bad about that? Absolutely nothing.

Sweet Pellet Smoked Salmon

One of the best parts of a pellet grill is its ability to beautifully cook, or smoke fish. This recipe is a perfect example of that. You get a deliciously smoked salmon, in just a couple simple steps. The use of sweet wood pellets adds such a rich, smoky flavor to the fish that enhances the flavor the marinade brings to the meal. While you are smoking this salmon, trying adding your favorite veggies for a deliciously smoked meal.

Dynamite Baby Back Ribs

If you like bbq than ribs are probably important to you. This is a simple recipe that has you smoke the ribs for a few hours and then turn up the temperature to finish them off. This leads to tender, ribs that are exploding with flavor. This recipe also leads a lot of room for customization, but it doesn’t require it? The best part? If you trim the ribs yourself you can have rib tips to make this next recipe.

Smoked Rib Tips

Being in KC, bbq is obviously important. So how a grill handles bbq is a big selling point. This smoked rib tips are a great, simple way to test how your grill will handle bbq. It’s easy, especially if you take advantage of Green Mountains Smart Control, but the rib tips come out delicious.

Smoked Mac and Cheese

Everyone loves mac cheese, but smoked mac and cheese? Well that’s a whole new level. This recipe lets you smoke and then broil the mac and cheese, making the most delicious mac and cheese you will ever taste. Plus, its an easy recipe that’s just asking to be personalized with your favorite mac and cheese toppings. My recommendation? Bacon, you can never go wrong with bacon.

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