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Check Out Our Cool Accessories

Check Out Our Cool Accessories

Ok, lets talk accessories. Part of being a pit master is having the right tools. Green Mountain offers a great variety of incredible accessories that can completely up your grill game. So let’s go into those accessories and learn a little more about them.

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

So we have a whole Pizza Package, made of the Wood Fired Pizza Oven, the pizza peel, and the temp gun. If you haven’t read our Pizza Package blog, you should definitely check it out. We go in depth about why our Pizza Oven is amazing and something everyone can take advantage of.

Our pizza oven sites in your Green Mountain Grill and increases the temperature up to about 800oF. This lets you create incredible, wood-fired pizzas at home in just a couple minutes. The fun part is you can use it for more than just pizza. It’s a great accessory for baking or just about anything that requires a higher temperature. But be prepared because it definitely takes a little trial and error before you master the pizza oven.

Thermal Blanket

In the winter its colder, so it takes more to get your grill to the temperature you need it at. This means that typically you use a ton of extra pellets because your grill has to work harder and needs more fuel. A thermal blanket eliminates that. By keeping the grill itself warmer while you aren’t using it, it means it has less work to do when you want to use it. If you keep a thermal blanket on the grill full time in the winter it can cut your pellet usage in half. In addition you put less stress on your grill, which can help keep it in top condition long term.

Grill Cover

Our grill covers are specifically made for our grills. They were made to be form fitting, closely protecting every aspect of the grill. They were built and tested to withstand even the toughest weather conditions. Protect your grill and keep it working great for as long as possible with our incredible grill covers.

Grease Tray Liners

Tired of cleaning your grease tray? Know you are about to cook something super greasy and dreading the clean up? Our Drip-EZ Grease Tray liners make clean up a breeze. They  come as a stack of 3, simply place the stack on your grease tray. When it gets too dirty pull up the top tray and throw it away and then you still have 2 more left.

Bucket Liners

Similar to the Grease Tray liners, the bucket liners make clean up so much easier. They come in a pack of 3. Just set the pack in the bucket and when it gets to much, pull out the liner, throw it away, and you have 2 liners left! This means no more trying to clean the bucket.


Spritz Bottle

Ok this accessory is a game changer. You just fill this up with your favorite flavor, I love to use olive oil, but you can easily change it out based on whatever you are cooking. Then as you are grilling you can easily spray your food to keep it super moist and flavorful. This accessory is so easy to use but can make such a difference. No more dry food, keep this bottle next to your grill and spray it as you cook and make sure your food stays nice and moist throughout the whole cook.

BBQ Floor Mat

No more mess! We’ve all been there, sometimes its just impossible to not get messy when grilling. The BBQ Floor Mat makes cleaning up that mess so easy! The mat is flame and heat resistant and it has a non-slip pattern. This BBQ Floor Mat just makes grilling so much easier.


Grill Utensils

One piece of being a grill master is having the right utensils. Our utensils are great. They are made with stainless steel durability, and have the loops to easily hang on the side tray hooks. This means you never have to worry about having what you need. All of your utensils will be hanging right there ready for you.


If you have a Prime Plus you need to have a rotisserie attachment. This attachment lets you easily slow roast or smoke whole chickens, pork shoulders, loins, ribs, and more! It can hold up to 24lbs of food. This attachment easily pops into your grill and lets you do so much! Having the right accessories lets you get so creative with your cooking, and this rotisserie attachment is no different. And the rotisserie attachment is super easy to use and learn. You will love this attachment!

Grill Mats

These grill mats are amazing, especially if you cook a lot of veggies. These are Teflon-coated fiberglass fabric mats. They are safe to use for up to 450o F and are nonstick. These make cooking things that are smaller, like some veggies, easier. No more worrying about things falling through the grates. Now you can get the delicious smokey flavor from grilling your food, without having to worry about losing it through the grates!

Upper Rack

These upper racks are just a necessity. These racks let you add so much cooking space to your grill. If you are cooking for a big event, or just cooking more than 1 thing at a time, these racks give you the extra space to do whatever you need to do. They fit in all models and can be easily placed and removed whenever you want.

Rib Rack

Spend a lot of time grilling ribs? Do you want to be able to make more ribs at once3? These Rib Racks let you grill 7 racks of ribs at the same time. No more needing to limit how many ribs you can grill or grilling in batches. Tackle all the ribs you need at the same time

Grill Grates

I love these grill grates! One of the biggest complaints people have with pellet grills is that they can’t sear. These grill grates fix that. They work by concentrating the heat and so they get much hotter than the normal grates, up to 100oF hotter. They also trap and sizzle the juices for extra adder flavor. They are designed to work on both sides so you can cook with rails up or the flat side up. They are made from hard anodized aluminum so they will never rust. They also come with a GrateTool, which is a tool specifically designed for these grates to let you get under the food and in the grate valleys to easily lift your food. If you are someone that uses your pellet grill all the time, you need to have a set of these.

Well, that’s most of our accessories, but don’t forget to check out our store because we have all sorts of rubs, sauces and more!

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